Historically, the Illuminati refers to a secret society founded in 1776 in Ingolstadt Bavaria. Today the term loosely defines a group of conspirators bent on world domination and complete control of a world government (new world order). This select group of individuals is based upon the occult concept of an egregore, or collective group mind. The blueprint for world government was borrowed from Jewish money lenders of the middle ages who sought to control the world by way of finance and lending. Although a small contingent of Israeli banking families play an integral role in the modern day Illuminati, they are not alone. The Illuminati collective encompasses a variety of powerful globalists from all walks of life. This includes people from multiple races, religions and regions of the globe.

However, the root of the modern Illuminati egregore stems from relationships established around a belief in Anglo Israelism and a shared bloodline. For the Israelists of the Illuminati, a shared bloodline is of great significance, while members outside the scope of Anglo Israelism are more concerned with self serving interests and benefits derived from their membership and devotion. Today, the Illuminati co-opts members with the promise of shared rule in a future global government. Willing conscripts are assured that their families will be protected from tyrannical police state measures levied upon society at large. However, it would behoove any potential recruit to consider that one day, their membership may be rescinded in favor of a global government based upon Anglo Israelism and under the direction of the most powerful Anglo Illuminati members. The goal of this website is to shed light on the top of the Illuminati pyramid, expose important shot callers and unveil their centers of power. We will begin with a list of top Illuminati members ranked from greatest to least...

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Anglo Israelism (British Israelism) is a theory born out of the middle ages which claims descendancy from the lost tribes of Israel for a number of British families. Those who claim descendancy do not claim to be Jews as descended from the kingdom of Judah, but rather Israelis descended from the kingdom of Israel and the ancestral line of the biblical king David. Although DNA evidence lends minor credibility to this theory, many of these so called descendants have only trace amounts of the bloodline in their ancestry. Most families with a European ancestor have a blood connection at some level to ancient Canaan which today is called Israel.

The British royal family is one of the more well known adherents to the theory of Anglo Israelism and all current members claim descendancy. For the Royals, these ridiculous ancestral connections mean a great deal and their entire power structure is based upon glorification of the Canaanite bloodline. Because the ancient Canaanites ruled Egypt for at least several generations from their capital Avaris, Egyptian custom is built into the Canaanite culture and therefore, Anglo Israelism.

The Egyptian/Canaanite connections can be witnessed in royal British ceremonies such as the royal coronation where a legendary stone of the biblical Jacob is placed beneath the throne. Of course, this stone has significance beyond that of a simple biblical nature for the Royal family. For them, it is a symbol of their purported Canaanite heritage. Other various traditions borrowed from the Canaanites of Egypt are the coronation step pyramid, garments fashioned with hidden emblems of Egyptian royalty and the use of the Egyptian Jubilee to celebrate the reign of the Monarch.

The modern day Illuminati was spawned from a belief in Anglo Israelism and the British Royal family sits at the helm. The ranking of Illuminati members is based upon verifiable ties to the ancient Canaanite culture. Those with little or no ancestral power, wield the least control over the Illuminati steering committee. As you make your way through life, take notice of those which receive high, and almost unattainable positions in the seats of world government at surprisingly young ages. It is not by mere chance that these people receive their positions. Many are in fact the relatives of prominent Illuminati members and the Anglo Israeli cabal.

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Second in line to the British Royals are the Anglo-Israeli Bankers. These Illuminati bankers who are supposedly descended from the bloodline of the Canaanite kingdom of Israel have established close relationships with other bankers who claim descendancy from the ancient Canaanite kingdom of Judah, or for lack of a better term, "Jews." For purposes of simplification, we will refer to this conglomeration of "Jewish" and "Anglo-Israeli" bankers, as the "Israeli cabal." However, the most powerful group within the Israeli cabal are the Anglo-Israeli bankers with close connections to the British Royal Family. In its totality, the cabal represents the financial arm of the Illuminati seeking a world government.

These alleged descendants of the reunified Canaanite kingdoms adhere to a number of religious and non religious ideals and/or ancient customs. There is no single commonality which unites these people other than a weak historical connection to the ancient lands of Canaan. Some members of the cabal cling to Zionism or ancient Hebrew tradition; some are atheists who promote socialism or communism; still others believe that their collective mindset gives them power over a specific god (or the power to force this god to do their bidding). The question remains as to which ancient Canaanite deity serves the members of this egregore. One thing is for certain; the cabal in general is working towards a world dictatorship and they have a majority control over the financial aspects of such a scheme.

The financial monopoly devised by the cabal was not an overnight success. Over the centuries, cabal bankers implemented a vast array of banking techniques using a variety of financial instruments. As members of the cabal set out to control medieval Europe, they were presented with numerous problems, the main one being that European rulers did not like paying interest on loans and eventually they lashed out at cabal run communities (Jewish communities, etc.). One European nation after another tortured and punished the cabal members within their borders. Unfortunately, many non banking "Jews" beared the brunt of such assaults. Yet, the cabal bankers did not halt their mischievous ways but simply moved to new regions.

When the Rothschild dynasty emerged in the late 1500's, this new breed of cabal banker began to use liquid assets as a means of insulating their hard assets from angry European rulers bent on revenge. Amschel Rothschild expanded the power and reach of his family when he installed his five sons in banking branches located throughout the most powerful financial districts in Europe. If a specific family bank ran into problems with local authorities, paper assets such as bonds could easily be transferred to a family branch in a more accommodating nation. In addition, the Rothschilds brought other cabal banking families on board, some through friendship and others by way of intermarriage. The Israeli banking cabal grew to include families such as the Oppenheims, Mendelssohns, Bischoffsheims, Seligmans, Lazards and more.

Today, the bulk of the cabal banks remain firmly in the grasp of several powerful founding families and their descendants. Some of the early banks have switched hands between cabal families while others have merged with, or been absorbed by competing banks within the cabal. Many financial transactions are done in secret as to hide the financial power of the cabal. The Israeli banking cabal controls the finances of the British Crown and this close relationship has been established through the bonds of Anglo-Israelism. The Queen of England's closest confidant and financial adviser is currently Evelyn Robert de Rothschild of the Rothschild family who also happens to be the patriarch of the most powerful family within the banking cabal.

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