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In the ancient Egyptian Myth of Osiris and Isis, Osiris was killed by the god Set and chopped into 14 pieces. In order to provide her husband Osiris with a proper burial, Isis set out to reclaim his lost body parts and make him whole again. Isis was only able to find 13 of the 14 body parts. She was unable to locate his phallus. Therefore, she fashioned a new phallus out of gold, combined all body parts and resurrected Osiris. The idea of the phallus as an occult power symbol and the number 13 in the Masonic society stems from this myth.

When The ancient Canaanites conquered Egypt and ruled Avaris, they saw the likeness of their own god in the Egyptian god Osiris and adopted him as one of their own. They eventually made their way back to Canaan (Israel), where a number of Canaanite high priests clung to their belief in Osiris and worshiped him in secret. When Canaan was split into the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, each camp maintained a cult of Osiris within their borders. This cult survived, even to the times of the Jewish money lenders who mentored the Templar crusaders. Furthermore, upon the emergence of Anglo-Israelism, this ancient god was reintroduced to the so called descendants of the tribe of Israel (British Crown members and the like). Today, the cult of Osiris further unites the Freemasons (Templar descendants), the Anglo-Israeli network and the Israeli banking cabal.

The ancient symbology of the cult of Osiris is visible in many of the western nations. The Egyptian obelisk is used by modern devotees to signify the phallus of Osiris. As a symbol of power, these phalli have been erected in cities which hold significance as centers of power for the Illuminati. These obelisks were often transported over great distances and at great expense to the locations in which they currently stand. Cleopatra's Needle in London is one of the most famous Egyptian obelisks. It was transported from Egypt and erected in London in 1878. The Obelisk represents the power of the British Crown Illuminati in the cities of London and Westminster. Incidentally, it is not far from the Rothschild bank (Israeli cabal) in the City of London.

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Another Illuminati center of power is the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. Originally built to honor Louis XV, the public square was renamed Place de la Révolution during the French Revolution. Of course the French Revolution was masterminded by Freemason Illuminatists trained by the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt. With Concorde's historical links, it is no wonder that the modern Illuminati and the British Crown have chosen this spot for special reverence.

In the center of the square sits a large Egyptian obelisk from the temple in Luxor. The obelisk is engraved with hieroglyphics from the era of Ramses II. It is probably worth mentioning that Ramses built his capital in Avaris which happened to be the same capital of the Canaanites who once conquered Egypt. When the majority of those Canaanites (including Hebrews) freely left Egypt to return to their homeland in the Levant, a contingent of Canaanites remained in Egypt and attempted to hold the throne. Ramses was a direct descendant of these remaining Canaanites and endures as a pivotal figure in their history.

Today, the Rothschild family of the Israeli banking cabal has several banks overlooking the phallic obelisk at Place de la Concorde. Furthermore, Guy de Rothschild grew up on a property located just outside the square. France in general is a stronghold of the Rothschild family and David René de Rothschild of the French branch has taken the reins of the family banking business from Queen Elizabeth's consort, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild.

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A third powerful center of Illuminati operations is located within the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. In St. Peter's square stands a red granite Egyptian obelisk which arrived at its current location in 1586. Originally, this obelisk was used to represent the dwelling place of the ancient Egyptian god, Amun Ra. In fact the entire Roman Catholic religion is based upon the ancient cult of Amun. Pharaoh Caesarion (Jesus) promoted a belief in Amun during his lifetime and used excerpts from ancient Egyptian myths to formulate the early belief system of what would later be referred to as "Christianity."

Eventually, the British Crown and their Israeli banking friends staged a coup of sorts to subvert and conquer the Roman Catholic Church and establish the Vatican as an Illuminati outpost. Of course, the Anglo-Israeli Crown did not overlook the possibility of using the Catholic religion as their own control mechanism to further expand their power. Around the year 1870, the British monarchy sent a number of Guelf descendants and friends of the crown to protect the Vatican and the Pope from the army of the Kingdom of Italy. Of course the British and the Guelfs would demand future repayment for this grand gesture of support. When the Italian army marched on Rome, they surrounded the Vatican, overthrew the Pope and forced him to live in exile within the walls of the Vatican. The Guelf family members who "stood by" the Pope throughout his exile were called the Black Nobility. These nobles were awarded high positions within the Pope's court and some of their descendants became Popes themselves. This was the beginning of the coup by the British Crown.

In 1976, Propaganda Due also known as the P2 Masonic Lodge was secretly given power by the Freemasons and the Israeli banking cabal to take control of Vatican finances. P2 member Roberto Calvi (God's banker) was made chairman of Banco Ambrosiano which happened to control the larger chunk of Vatican finances. P2 brought in the mafia to strong arm any trouble makers within the Italian government into submission. It was only when Calvi began dipping into the honey pot himself and hiding Vatican funds that he was murdered and P2 was forced to find new leadership. One famous member of P2 was the recent prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. Interestingly enough, on his final day in office, Berllusconi signed an austerity deal with the IMF against the wishes of the majority of his nation. Of course the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is an important arm of the Israeli banking cabal and is used to seize foreign governments through the use of various financial instruments, in preparation for a one world government and currency.

Today, the Vatican continues to operate under the direction of the British Crown and their bankers. Despite a ban on Catholicism for members of the monarchy, the Queen of England regularly hosts visits by the Guelf Popes to discuss world events. The obelisk in the St. Peter's courtyard has come to represent another Phallic object in the cult of Osiris. Under the crown Illuminati, the Vatican and the present day Roman Catholic church operate in conjunction with the Anglo-Israeli establishment.

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